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Welcome To The Association for Child Development in Illinois and Michigan

  • Training and Workshops

    We offer many opportunities to get the training you need to be more proficient and knowledgeable about childhood nutrition.

  • Potpourri Newsletter

    Potpourri is a children's health and nutrition magazine written and designed for Early Childhood Educators and Home Child Care Providers.

  • About the CACFP

    The Child and Adult Care Food Program is a national organization dedicated to improving food programs and childhood nutrition.

  • Meet the Staff!

    Our Staff is dedicated to helping you getting the most out of your child nutrition program.

  • Online Training Programs

    You can find training videos, fun ideas, and more, all geared to providing you the information you need to succeed.

  • Menus For Your Family

    Check out our selection of great tasting and nutritious menus for the whole family.

  • Childhood Nutrition

    Getting the right information about childhood nutrition will pay off for a lifetime!

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    Have a look at our calendar to see what's going on at the Illinois and Michigan ACD events!

• Today Is 5/22/2015

The Association for Child Development (ACD) is a nonprofit organization that educates parents and caregivers about nutrition to promote the development of children and establish healthy eating habits to last a lifetime.

ACD's primary responsibility is administering one of the largest CACFP sponsorships in the nation, serving both Illinois and Michigan. By monitoring more than 4700 child care homes and preparing monthly reimbursement checks for each of these Child Care Providers, ACD fulfills it's mission by ensuring that nearly 50,000 children receive nutritious meals and snacks each day! More...