Meet The ACD Staff

  • Billie Wimmer
    Chief Executive Officer

    Billie Wimmer began her journey at the Association for Child Development (ACD) in 2013 as the Director of Michigan CACFP Affairs and became the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in 2014. Ms. Wimmer holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from Michigan State University. Her professional background, with a focus on children, includes more than 20 years of leadership in public, private, and non-profit organizations. She is delighted to partner with ACD’s Staff and Board of Directors as they work to improve the lives of the next generation by establishing healthy eating habits to last a lifetime.

  • Leadership Team
    Connie Jones - Chief Financial Officer
    Denise Meyer - Michigan State Director
    April Rodriguez - Illinois State Director
    Donna Duwell - Human Resources Director
  • Illinois Office Staff
    Berenice Aguilar - Customer Service Specialist
    Lynda Baker - Center Operations Manager
    DeAnna Certain - Customer Service Manager
    Donna Duwell - Human Resources Director
    Anita Gorski - Licensing & Compliance Specialist
    Tamika Giles - Customer Service Specialist
    Gloria Grimes - Center Monitor
    Norma Segura – Receptionist/Supply Clerk
    Nadeasha Thompson - Center Monitor
    Audria Perkins - Field Operations Generalist
  • Illinois Field Monitors
    LaShonda Adams - Field Monitor
    Cheryl Augustine - Field Monitor
    Latarsha Banks - Field Monitor
    Carolina Calvillo - Field Monitor
    Kathy Cooper - Field Monitor
    Libby Dial - Field Monitor
    Tracy Ellinger - Field Monitor
    Alexis Estrada - Field Monitor
    Caroline King - Field Monitor
    Kymberli Schaal - Field Monitor
    Mary Ann Woods - Field Monitor
  • Michigan Office Staff
    Anne Bashore - Customer Service Specialist
    Anne Marie Blanchard - Receptionist/Supply Clerk
    Theresa Bousson - Staff Accountant
    Shannon Cohoon – Field Operations Assistant
    Val Crafts - IT Support Manager
    Amber Cuellar - Administrative Manager
    Noemi Cuellar - Customer Service Specialist
    Nancy Dayton - Customer Service Specialist
    Kimberly Frederickson - Administrative Accounting Coordinator
    Eduardo Guizar-Alvarez - Spanish Translator
    Aimee Klevorn - Communications Manager
    Amanda Gallaher - Registered Dietitian
    Emily Vandamme - Regulatory Specialist
  • Michigan Field Monitors
    Alyce Castellese - Field Monitor
    Pam Ekdahl - Field Monitor
    Bonnie Fackler - Field Monitor
    Michelle Hawkes - Field Monitor
    Nancy Johns - Field Monitor
    Cindy Matigian - Field Monitor
    Kaye Mitchell - Field Monitor
    Megan Roberts - Field Monitor
    Michelle Stickley - Field Monitor
    Deb Streeter - Field Monitor
    Pati Trudgeon - Field Monitor
    Janet Walker - Field Monitor

Meet ACD's Registered Dietitian

Amanda Gallaher, MPH, RD - Michigan

I am very excited to work at ACD with staff and Providers to build healthy eating habits in young children. As part of my role, I provide nutrition training and education, which includes developing resources found online and in ACD's publications. I am eager to expand the nutrition and health resources available to providers.

I completed my Master of Public Health degree in Human Nutrition and Dietetics and Dietetic Internship at the University of Michigan School of Public Health. I received my Bachelor's degree in Neuroscience from the University of Michigan. I am an active member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and Michigan Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, and I am a passionate advocate for programs that increase access to healthy food across Michigan and Illinois.