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Meet the ACD Staff

  • Alice Fingers
    Chief Executive Officer

    Alice Fingers has been with the Association for Child Development (ACD) for ten years and holds a Bachelors of Arts in Social Work and a Master of Science in Human Services Administration. Ms. Fingers' professional background includes more than 20 years' experience in the not-for-profit industry. Initially hired as the Illinois State Director, Ms. Fingers was promoted to the position of CEO for ACD in 2006.

    In addition to her work for ACD, Ms. Fingers also serves on the Illinois Advocacy Child Care Work Group.

  • Leadership Team

    Ryan Cameron - Director of Illinois CACFP Affairs
    Donna Duwell - Human Resources Director
    Monica Lee - Accounting Director
    Mario Valles - Learning and Outreach Director
    Billie Wimmer - Director of Michigan CACFP Affairs

  • Illinois Office Staff

    Lynda Baker - Center Monitor
    DeAnna Certain - Field Operations Assistant
    Donna Duwell - Human Resources Director
    Anita Gorski - Licensing & Compliance Specialist
    Tamara Goshay - Field Operations Manager
    Steven Gregg - Inventory Control Clerk
    Gloria Grimes - Center Monitor
    Fernanda Lazaro - Customer Service Specialist
    Monica Lee - Accounting Director
    Jamie Mortimer - Registered Dietician
    April Rodriguez - Executive Assistant to CEO
    Audria Rufus - Customer Service Specialist
    Angelina Salinas - Customer Service Specialist
    Mario Valles - Learning and Outreach Director

  • Illinois Field Monitors

    LaShonda Adams - Field Monitor
    Cheryl Augustine - Field Monitor
    Chris Comstock - Field Monitor/Outreach Coordinator
    Alexis Estrada - Field Monitor
    Tammie Green - Field Monitor
    Tamika Harris - Field Monitor
    Kelly Herd - Field Monitor
    Nicole Jackson - Field Monitor
    Michelle Kensinger - Field Monitor
    Caroline King - Field Monitor
    Vicki McKinney - Field Monitor
    Ricardo Moreno - Field Monitor
    Diana Murray - Field Monitor
    Paula Phelps - Field Monitor
    Kymberli Schaal - Field Monitor
    Deb Taylor - Field Monitor

  • Michigan Office Staff

    Anne Bashore - Customer Service Specialist
    Val Crafts - Field Operations Assistant
    Amber Cuellar - Administrative Manager
    Noemi Cuellar - Customer Service Specialist
    Nancy Dayton - Customer Service Specialist
    Aimee Klevorn - CACFP Assistant
    Denise Meyer - Field Operations Manager
    Amanda Piccolo - Registered Dietitian
    Tracy Solis - Receptionist/Supply Clerk
    Emily Vandamme - Regulatory Specialist

  • Michigan Field Monitors

    Alyce Castellese - Field Monitor
    Pam Ekdahl - Field Monitor
    Bonnie Fackler - Field Monitor
    Michelle Hawkes - Field Monitor
    Nancy Johns - Field Monitor
    Cindy Matigian - Field Monitor
    Kaye Mitchell - Field Monitor
    Cristine Orillosa-Thurber - Field Monitor
    Megan Roberts - Field Monitor
    Michelle Stickley - Field Monitor
    Deb Streeter - Field Monitor
    Pati Trudgeon - Field Monitor
    Janet Walker - Field Monitor